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fiction, you & new adult

250-300 pages


Going away for uni, building a new life with new friends and new relationships – just to leave it all behind again as soon as “real” adulthood with jobs and responsibilities rolls around the corner? During an intense summer romance Emma discovers her queerness – but what is left of a new identity and relationship once you have to make decisions for your career. A story about the temporary homes we build in our early 20s.



The story of Emma and Charlie is told in three seasons.

After meeting on a party the two of them fall into a turbulent summer romance. The time after exams should be for relaxing and unwinding – instead Emma has to come to terms with her own queerness and coming out when everyone around her already seems to have figured out their identity. Settling into the excitement and happiness of a new love story summer ends.

Autumn rolls around and Emma’s love interest Charlie gets a job offer – hundreds of kilometers away. The two have to wonder: What do you do after just one summer of dating? Long distance? Expecting the other person to give up their dreams? Leaving everything behind to move with them? How do you deal with something like this, when you were told over and over again that you could have it all when you grow up – love and self-fulfillment and a career.

Charlie decides to break up and Emma has to deal with heartbreak. Can you stay friends with your ex when they didn’t actually do anything wrong? How do you end a relationship that never fully was one? And what makes you feel connected in a temporary home?

Home for now is a story about queer identities, relationships, emotions and growing up.

above: first pages from a web-comic version started in 2021

below: colour experiments & sketches

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