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Thank you for looking into my ideas and concepts!

By clicking on the images, you’ll find more concept sketches and a short plot summary.

If you have any questions or are interested in working with me: Please reach out either through this contact form or via email to – I’m looking forward to hearing from you!


working title

Morris has to move


picture book,

fiction for children (ages 3-7)

36 pages


A story about an unlikely friendship, displacement and environmental protection. Morris and Mia become friends after Morris had to leave their burrow due to a construction site. Now they are trying to protect the forest!

working title

Home for now


fiction, young & new adult

250-300 pages


Going away for uni, building a new life with new friends and new relationships – just to leave it all behind again as soon as “real” adulthood with jobs and responsibilities rolls around the corner? During an intense summer romance Emma discovers her queerness – but what is left of a new identity and relationship once you have to make decisions for your career. A story about the temporary homes we build in our early 20s.

working title

Emotionally available


Non-fiction for young & new adults

150-200 pages


Bad first dates, online dating platforms, learning about new(ish) concepts like polyamory – while having grown up with the idea of a fairytale happy end. How to navigate all that and more will be explored in this book about dating!

working title

How to be an ally

An interactive handbook


Non-fiction for (young) adults

150-200 pages


This book is a first guide into Allyship: What is it, why is it important and how do I start? After reading this book a reader will feel equipped to move out of the paralyses the news so often puts us in these days and start speaking up about social justice.

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