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100 -  300 €


Friends or couples portrait
200 -  400 €


How to order?

  • If you are interested, please fill out the form below. I will get in touch with you as soon as I can and let you know when I’m available to work with you! I will then ask you to send over reference photos for me to work with.

  • Once we agreed on payment and scope of the work I’ll get to sketching! I’m going to send you a rough sketch + colour palette and an invoice. Any edits you’d like to see you need to tell me at this point.

  • Once your invoice has been paid I’ll continue working on your portrait. I’ll send over a file again shortly before I’m done – but only for minor edits.

  • Portraits are first come, first serve. I keep a waitlist and will let you know how long it’ll take, once you filled out the form.

What’s up with the prices?

  • I want the portraits to be affordable – but at the same time have my living expenses in mind. So I’m offering a “pick your own price”-situation.

  •  In the form below you can inform me about your budget. If you’re in a no-/low-income situation: Feel free to pick a low number! If you’re in a financially privileged position: Pay me more and make this price range possible!

  • It’s always a possibility that I’m going to e-mail you “sorry, I currently can’t do this with your budget” – if that happens, I’ll keep you in the front row of my wait list and inform you as soon as something changes :)

  • If the prices seem high to you: Please be aware that they include taxes and my business & living expenses. Just because AI can create free portraits doesn’t mean I can afford to work for free. Creating your portrait will take me a couple of hours. So please don’t try negotiating prices below the stated price range.


Terms and Conditions

  • You will receive only digital files. You’ll get a pdf to print at home and a png to share online.

  • Personal use only. Commercial use is prohibited unless otherwise expressed in writing. You are not buying rights to my work or the piece I made for you.

  •  Commissions may be posted on my social media. Please let me know if I should wait until gifts have been exchanged.

  • If you share on social media, please tag my account in the post or link to my work in some other way. I go by they/them pronouns.

  • You are not allowed to edit my work – don’t crop, don’t remove my signature, don’t add filters, etc.


Thanks for for reaching out!I'm looking forward to working with you!

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