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Thank you for wanting to make my art a permanent part of your life!  Please read the following notes before purchasing.


Purchasing this ticket will do the following:

  • I’ll have a little happy dance at my desk, because your financial support allows me to continue working as an illustrator!
  • You get permission to use ONE of my existing original pieces as a tattoo! Show the illustration of your choice to your tattoo artist to get it done! (Excluded from this are all commissioned pieces – you can read in my Instagram captions if that is the case.)
  • You will receive a digital “permission slip”, not a physical product! Show your ticket and invoice to your tattoo artist to make sure they know you have the right to get the design tattooed :)


Important notes:

  • This is not a purchase for a custom design! Only the permission to use an existing design for a tattoo :)
  • You do not receive the rights to change, edit or alter my design.
  • You do not buy any rights to my artwork. This is not a commercial license for any of my designs.
  • I cannot guarantee you will be the only person with the tattoo of your chosen illustration.


I have included several price points. You can choose one, depending on your budget. If money is tight for you, no worries if you pick the lowest one! If you are in a financially privileged position: Pay a little more and allow me to give away the tickets cheaper to other people. You all are such a wonderful community that I’m going to trust this will work :) You can find the other price options in the “digital products” category.


Please credit me as the artist if you or your tattoo artist post your tattoo online. I’d also love to see your new tattoo :)


Thank you so much!

Tattoo Ticket / price point 1

25,00 €Price
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