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Gender-Kram / Rethinking Gender

2019, published with Unrast /

2022, published with the MIT Press

An informative and engaging guide to the question: "What even is gender!?" This book takes the reader on a journey through the world of gender - from biological aspects to historical context and individual identities.

Conversations about gender have changed a lot over the past years and it can leave you wondering: What are people even talking about? Sometimes we don't know what to ask, how to answer, what words to use, what's helpful, and what's not. Rethinking Gender gives readers age 12 and up (and the parents, educators, activists, and other adults who participate in these conversations) a way to think about themselves and to talk about what sex and gender—in all their changing, often confusing forms—mean to them personally and to the world at large.

“Rethinking Gender is a simple, friendly introduction that demystifies gender with real-world illustrations from a wide range of people. A perfect book for anybody who wants to explore their own gender, or to explain gender to others.” - Meg-John Barker, author of Gender: A Graphic Guide

Through conversational prose paired with whimsical, softly colored illustrations and journaling prompts, this primer, an uncredited German translation by the author, provides an interactive exploration of gender... Appearing as themself in illustrated form, Läuger, a White author and artist, eases into an in-depth discussion of gender with a personal introduction and gentle encouragement. - Kirkus Reviews

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