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Welcome to my shop! :)

Shipping times

I ship every Monday. Sometimes, especially during the Christmas season, I ship several times a week. You will receive an email once your order is sent off.

I’m shipping from Germany. Orders within Germany can sometimes take up to 2 weeks to arrive. Shipping within Europe usually takes 1-4 weeks, overseas shipping usually takes 3-8 weeks. Occasionally orders are delayed at customs. Shipping times are only an estimation. They may vary due to factors like custom declaration, holidays, and local postal services.

At the moment you have to expect delays due to the ongoing Covid pandemic.


Lost Orders

If you are worried your order has been lost in the post, and if it has been more than 40 working days (Europe) or 45 working days (the rest of the world) please get in touch and we can look into solving the issue.

Please note it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure the correct shipping address is provided. I will not replace items sent to incorrect addresses. If an order is returned to me because of an incorrect address, or because the package couldn’t be delivered I'm asking you to pay the shipping fee for it to be sent to you again.

As I'm an illustrator with a small independent shop running things all by myself I don't have the funds to pay for this fully, therefore I'll be asking you to cover the shipping fee or to split the costs to make it manageable for me.

I’m also not able to accept cancellations of orders that have been returned; however together we can look for the best option to ship the item(s) to you again. Thanks for understanding! ♡


I want a specific illustration as a product you currently don't stock

All products I have in stock are listed in my shop. As a small business I have very limited capacity to get new products printed and store them. I don’t operate as a print-on-demand service and don’t plan on changing that :) I like the idea of everything I make to be a special and limited thing. That also allows me the space to run with quite a lot of ideas. I carefully plan the items I want to stock and work with limited print runs.

My decision on what to print is informed by Instagram comments and numbers. So if you feel very passionate about a specific illustration – leave some love there? :)

Please don’t message me that I should (re-)stock a certain item. I know it’s frustrating when you missed something, or it’s sold out. But I get quite a lot of these emails and don't have the time to reply to all of them.


An item is listed as “Out of stock” – When will it be back?

To be perfectly honest with you: Probably never. I mostly work with limited print runs. I enjoy coming up with new products a lot and I don’t have the capacity to make old and new products happen at the same time. I announce new products on Instagram. If you want to make sure you can get your hands on something: My Patrons always have early access to new items.

I currently do not respond to “will this be back in stock”-emails, as I sadly don’t have the time. Sorry! It’s not personal!


Wholesale & Reseller Info

You would like to sell my art in your shop? That’s amazing! I do have reseller prices. Feel free to contact me at – I’m looking forward to chat with you :)

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