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Commission FAQ

If you are looking to work with me but never commissioned an illustrator before - please make sure to read these FAQs before contacting me.

How do commissions work?

Firstly you send a description of what you're looking for through the contact form. Please include information like: What do you need the illustrations for? How many illustrations do you need? What is the deadline? Where will the illustrations be used (for example: social media, magazine, book, etc.)? Please also include some information about yourself: Are you inquiring for a company, an NGO or as aprivate person?

We might need to chat a back and forth a bit to arrive at a general direction, size and budget.

Once we agreed on everything you will receive a commission summary and I can start working :)

If you want to learn more about commissions I can recommend this guide by the AOI about business practices.

Do you send sketches?

Sketches are sent depending on the scope of the project and our previous agreements. In most cases you will receive sketches for review.

Can I offer feedback during the process?

Sure! Getting your opinion after sending the sketches is crucial to make sure everyone is happy with the results. The corrections and adjustments will not be infinite though. If you ask me to make more adjustments than we agreed on in the beginning they will come with an additional charge.

When can I expect my final artwork?

The commission summary will include a timeline. Commission times vary widely - depending on the work you're commissioning me with as well as the workload I already have at the moment.

How much do you charge?

That depends on a lot of factors. Who am I working for? Will the illustration only be used regionally or on a national/international level? How long will the illustration be used? What is the project? There is no set quota and I do adjust my prices depending on who I work with. A company has different resources than a grassroots movement. Please note though that I am not working for free. I am fully aware that a lot of political campaigns struggle to get funding. I know that activism is often unpaid labor. But I am already involved in volunteer work and currently can't accept any further unpaid projects.

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